Jamoon, one marvelous potent fruit that completely took away the tremendous tooth ache I had suffered for an entire week, actually i’m a health conscious person who is very careful with what I consume and for this  I suffered with the pain for a week due to my perverse ways, however one night when I was experiencing that dread killing tooth ache, I was also hungry at the time and remembered my sister had brought some jamoon earlier that evening for me. I ended up eating the jamoon and to my great surprise in less than two minutes my tooth ache was completely vanished, I was left confounded at first then the next day nerve pain awoke in my hips, (also suffer from nerve pain) had some more of this marvelous fruit and again the pain was vanished. After those two happenings, I realized that it had must been the jamoon I ate, and it was! Now it is my go to natural analgesic drug and I eat it regularly as whenever it bears in its season.



If you would like to know more about Jamoon and its properties, you can click the link below:



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