Knowledge comes naturally to man but sometimes few obtain very little of this. As I am writing this, it has taken me knowledge to implement this note to you. Knowledge comes in various sizes and the ones who have obtained a large amount, are ones who have sought it. For the proverb that says ‘Who seeks shall find’, is very true, hence if one is unsatisfied with his amount of knowledge shouldn’t hesitate to seek. As a novel writer, it was very and is still a strenuous thing to indulge in things of the wise because of  the amount of time it takes to acknowledge all that were passed through. But as you get deeper into it, it becomes sweet and sweeter. I tell you, it will make your soul delightful and your mind and body lustful for more of its fascinating wonders as it tells you the sweet truth of all the high and low things that are in existence. Furthermore, it will unfold things that humans have not ever known or discovered. Knowledge, as its name explicitly defines itself, it is one magnificent gift to have. Keep it and never let it go, for knowledge is power and without it you are useless.

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