beautiful_sky.jpgHave you ever wondered how are men and the living react with each other, in means of communication, movement and when to take charge of fight to flight situation?

I wondered this and discovered that what gave us that marvelous sense was and is a majestic spirit called wisdom. Wisdom was assigned to us before we were even created and some of us obtained a greater percentage of wisdom than others. This is so because wisdom is indeed a spirit but not just an ordinary spirit but a spirit that is highly distinctive, exquisite and complex, and has a liberated body which cells and contents are not bond together. This makes her efficient to dwell in multiple of us at the same time. She is excellent in all her ways and works. Her excellency has made her one of the Lord’s most potent constituent; she is highly God’s utmost used component. It is she who designed the heavens and the earth and all that is within it with the lord’s powerful hands to implement it. Wisdom is a very amicable spirit and she enters into those who love God and seek her. Do not profane God or else she’ll rebuke you and flee from you. Love and Obey God and you’ll have her in your possession forever.

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