We include so many different types of food to our diet plan like low carbs-food, vegetables, fruits and high protein food predominantly lean meats to achieve great body fitness. These food are all great for obtaining such desire but to obtain much faster and better results, why not switch up your food type a little? With the replacement of animal protein  with plant base protein? Do you know that plant base protein is much healthier and not just healthier but it adds guarantee of long lasting fullness which is one great benefit that prevents one from over eating. Although it may be marked as a medium carbs-food, carbohydrates aren’t  as bad as people and higher personel proclaim it to be.

Carbohydrates are good, it provides the body with energy and it promotes healthy bowel movement due to the fiber they contain. However, consuming high amount  of it isn’t good, and as for every other things. Whether if it is esteemed as healthy. To much of carbs has been proven by health professors and other health associates to be a factor that causes obesity and diabetes.

As for plant base protein foods, contain antioxidant, potent antimicrobial properties, ant-aging and anti-carcinogenic properties. These add great defenses to the body and with its load of nutrients shapes the body to its best form.legumes2.jpg

Legumes, all are healthy and some may have or may not have the same properties and same amount of nutrients but they all do a great job on the body. Some best and most popular ones are red beans, lentil, black eyed-peas, pigeon peas, chick peas and edema. These legumes will definitely burn  those stubborn and unwanted fat, I guarantee you. Adding at least 2 pot spoon of legume to your meal once per day along with vegetables and little carbohydrates, you’ll see sincere great change in your body appearance, and with a Bonus of superb energy that you might have longed for.

Overall, legumes aren’t just any type of food but rather they are devout fat bursters!



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