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At some point of our life we have all faced some sort of digestion problem whether minor problems such as gas or nausea and may or may not have tried to fix it. But these problem can be solved and completely be diminished from our lives by taking proper measures and techniques.

Digestion is one vital process that our body undergoes and is necessary for life as it supplies the body with the fuel it needs to keep going. However, digestive disorders are among us and it is caused by many factors which can be solved or may be very complex to solve according to what has caused it to become that state. Most of the main factors which causes digestive disorders are really not eating properly in terms of, not having a balance meal, and eating to much of the same thing constantly which deprives the body from other required nutrients. Digestion can be improved by changing your diet plan and improving two main mechanism, Mechanical digestion and Chemical digestion mechanism which we use every time to consume food.
Why these two? They are the primary and main processes for obtaining food. And how can these be improved and get digestion into its original shape? First, one must have Patience, for chewing food at a longer time so that it can be fully digested by the body and two, Willingness, to eat even the most unfavorable food (fruits and vegetables). Once these two are obtained, digestion is on its way to be implemented.

Digestion is only reached when we consume food. And this is how it works, to begin this process mechanical digestion is necessary as it breaks down food into tiny pieces as we chew, and then chemical digestion begins as enzymes are released from the salivary gland into the food as it is being mixed with saliva. Mechanical digestion is the process of chewing food and chemical digestion is the process of enzymes working on food to break it down into simpler compounds.

eatingHowever, the salivary glands secrete the enzymes amylase and lingual lipase which break down carbohydrates(amylase) and fats(lingual lipase) into more simpler molecules making digestion more easier and faster. This requires some time to sufficiently get the food to be properly mixed with saliva so that the food can be properly digested. So chewing food for at least 30 times before swallowing, digestion of food will be improved and obtained. So next time when eating, try spending little more time on chewing food.

As for chemical digestion, it involves enzymes which are biological catalysts that speed up chemical reaction in the body by breaking down food into simpler compounds. These enzymes are specific to their work and work on substrates(food). Each works on specific food and breaks them down into smaller molecules so that the body can absorb them and utilize them for its processes. Some of these enzymes are amylase which works on carbohydrates, lipase works on fats, pepsins and tryspin work on protein, maltase works on carbohydrates, peptidase works on polypetide, lactase works on lactose(milk sugar), and they all are necessary for breaking down their correspondent substrate(food) so that they can be digested and obtained by the body.

Lacking these enzymes can cause one to have digestion issues and if one is lacking any may need to eat food high in protein as protein is essential for making enzymes (except for enzyme lactose as the body stops making lactase at the age of six that’s why some people end up being lactose intolerance(a digestive disorder which causes the inability to digest lactose -milk sugar-, and people who aren’t, have obtained the mutated gene which allows the body to continue to make lactase so that lactose can be broken down.) and as well for growth and repair.

The body is a very excellent mechanism as it has the ability to make these enzymes through nutrients which are obtained from food. However, these two steps greatly improve digestion and are necessary for digestion but digestion is more complex than this as enzymes are affected by ph and temperature. Unsuitable temperature or ph in the body can affect the work of the enzymes and so digestion will be affected. Also many nutrients are required for proper coordination of digestion as some nutrients require other nutrients in order for them to be digested. And for this, that’s why eating a balance meal is ideal as it supplies the body with all nutrients required for proper digestion.
A balance diet is one that consists of sufficient amount of protein, balance mealcarbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals which all assist in eliminating and fixing digestive disorder. And with the addition of water. Water however, is used as a solvent to dissolve food and is vital for life as it makes up 70% of our body.

Supplementing with multivitamins also aids in improving digestion and is convenient for one who has a busy lifestyle; it consists of mostly all nutrients required for the body. However, when supplementing, read contents carefully and follow instructions as it can cause one adverse side effects if it is not taking in the right amount.

Overall, by using properly mechanical digestion technique and having all required enzymes for chemical digestion to take place, and obtaining sufficient of all nutrients, one will improve and obtain proper digestion of food and soon will achieve a happy tummy, mind and body.

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