the eye 1

The eye is one of the most vital organ in the human body which gives us the ability to see.

Sight is a great gift that puts life into existence, allowing us to see and discern various things, giving to us ideas to imagenate and  to create, and pleasure of perception to enjoy and to acknowledge things contained in life.

The eyes just like any other organ can become weaken and damage, resulting in eye disorders and diseases. For this, maintenance is  key for healthy eyes. Implementation of this can be achieved by obtaining the right nutrients and using external wears for protection such as specialized lenses and shades or eye wears which protect the eyes from bright light and prevent materials from entering the eyes(eye wears).



A water soluble vitamin that is essential for the eyes. It is important for the maintenance of the photo-receptor cell  called rod which is found in the retina. They are responsible for night vision. For this deficiency of vitamin A can lead to night blindness, taking adequate vitamin A can prevent this.

Liver, lettuce , carrots are some foods that contain high level of vitamin A.


One vitamin that is rich in antioxidant which the eyes require in great amount.

This vitamin protects the eyes from oxidation as high concentration of it is found in the aqueous humor, a fluid inside the eyes in an area between the cornea and lense.

Studies have shown that people  with cataract predominantly have low anti-oxidation  levels and found that people who took vitamin c supplement are less likely to get cataract.

Foods rich in vitamin c, citrus fruits, kale guavas.


Vitamin E a fat soluble vitamin, and an anti-oxidant, protects fatty acids from oxidation. However, the retina is submerged in fatty acid, adequate vitamin E intake is important for optimal eye health.

Natural sources to obtain vitamin e, nuts , sunflower seeds and vegetable oils.


Omega-3 is a long chain fatty acid made up of EPA AND DHA which the component DHA  is found in high concentration in the retina of the eyes. Where it may help in the eye function and may also prevent dry eye disease as it helps the tear gland to make tear fluid. If there is abnormality in formation of tear, dry eye disease can occur.

DHA is also  important for the development of the brain and eyes in infants.

Omega-6 another fatty acid that has shown to have anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce the symptoms of dry eyes.

Taking adequate  of omega-6 fatty acid may help improve sight and prevent dry eyes disease. Primrose oil and sunflower oil are the richest  source of omega-6, and flaxseed  oil, walnuts and salmon  in omega-3.


These two are carotenoid anti-oxidants also known as macular pigments.

They play an important role in eye function as they are found in the retina centre and for this they help protect the eyes from macular degeneration and harmful blue lights- for they act as  a natural sunblock- .

Some  rich foods that contained lutein and zeaxantin are spinach and swiss chard. Luteina and zeaxantin however, come together in food.


An element that is found in profuse in the eyes.

Zinc functions as an anti-oxidant also and  is involved in the formation of visual pigments in the retina. A deficiency  of zinc can lead to night blindness  as for this objection.

Zinc has shown protection against macular degeneration as studies have shown where elderly people with early macular degeneration who took zinc supplement have shown to maintain their visual sharpness due to taking zinc supplement.

Pumpkin seeds, peanut and oysters are some rich food of zinc.


Although these nutients have proven to be essential for eye health, many other nutrients are improtant  and required too. For the body  properly works and functions by the presence of all nutients. As for this eating a meal that is balance will ensure that your body gets all nutrients it needs to function its very best and in turn helps every organ  as well as the eyes to function its best.



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