Firstly, exercising is great for the body as it helps burn fat, strengthens bones and muscles, and even increases/boosts the immune system. Exercise however, is a work and this can be challenging and tiring at times, and because of this food is looked upon as an alternative method for weight loss.

For this food now can be used to semi-replace  exercise in which, is used as a mechanism for weight loss, truly foods are responsible for weight gain which can be condemned only by, the type of food and the amount of that food is taken. Not all foods are responsible for weight gain as one can eat large amount of a particular food  or grow up on that food without gaining unnecessary weight as  they instead  make one lose weight -losing the unnecessary fat- or maintain weight -those who are already a healthy size. These food have less fat, less sugar, more carbs, and some, high protein.

The presence of these nutrients in the ideal amount in these food  allows weight loss to take its place and unnecessary fats and cholesterol are burnt off in the body by the help of these food. Not only it does this but it also activates hormones (which can be the cause of weight gain) by regulating them in the blood  and drives cells to work in an excellent manner. These food are no other than natural common food, green and nature fresh, e,g lettuce, pak choi, broccoli, tomatoes etc. You name it, all natural food including poultry and sea meats too.

How To Prepare These Food?

Preparation of these types of food is easy  and if you’re  a beginner and new to the kitchen, in no time you’ll get a hang of it.

There is so much you can make with these food and don’t even think that you have to be a  chef to be able to make delicious meals with these. With just simple addition of seasonings, simple as garlic, chives, shano beni, onions, tomatoes, cilantro or even basil will make dishes delicious and aromatic. However, when adding seasoning to meals try to use all natural seasonings as artificial isn’t good and they might just be the cause  you’re gaining weight and not losing weight. Try to avoid at all cost all artificial food even if it is small as table salt, yes, try to keep it all natural. For only the natural repairs , fortifies and keeps the body functioning as the way it should. Natural foods have the nutrients the body needs and also other helpers such as anti-carcinogen properties and anti-bacterial properties and etc. These help in the defense against microbes, mal-function of cells or genes and other adverse activities that take place in the body.

Eating all natural food in means of having food without any artificial additives or processed things is fat preventive and crucial to harmful microbes and activities that conduct inside the body.

Food for weight loss

Some food that are excellent for weight loss;

Fruits; watermelon, pineapple, beets, strawberries/berries(all types), pears,apple, oranges, lime/lemon and cucumbers.

Vegetables; carbage, pak choi, bodi/ string beans, spinach, carrot, broccoli.

Grains; wheat bran/germ, oats, quinoa and brown rice.

Protein- Plant base (excellent protein type for weight loss); legumes; lentil, split peas,  red beans, black beans, edema, string beans, pinto pigeon peas. Nuts.

Animal base protein; fish; sardine, tuna, salmon, cod and etc. Chicken breast, turkey breast and eggs.

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