We all want a beautiful, glowing and youthful body and because of this , we seek for all types of food for the skin/body, supplements or even beauty products to obtain perfection of youthful and glowing skin. However, sometimes  all these options may still not render the results we seek. As some may not have all the ideal nutrients or components that bring forth the results we want. Here’s Six vitamins that cover and give the appearance of skin perfection;

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant which plays an important role in skin health as it functions in the repairment and growth of skin cells , enabling acne wounds to heal and by this responsibility it ensures that skin stay intact and unblemished.

Other functions of vitamin A

This vitamin plays a role in eye health as it is a component of the rod cell which enables us to see in the dark ,and plays a role in the formation and maintenance  of bones, soft tissue, teeth, white blood cells and the immune system.

Vitamin C

One powerful anti-oxidant that repairs cells and prevents oxidative stress which damages cells ,and causes cells to die or become old. One main function of vitamin  C for the skin is it acts as a sun blocker against ultra violet rays from the sun, protecting the skin from the harsh sun light . Vitamin C also  helps in the maintenance of skin, bone and other body components, however, this vitamins rejuvenates the skin as it is responsible for the repairment of damage cells and the synthesis  of new cells.

Vitamin E

Another powerful anti-oxidant that plays a role against oxidative stress.

Vitamin E is  fat soluble which plays similar role as other anti-oxidants but because its a fat soluble vitamin, it makes up part of the cell’s membrane of cells that enables the skin to trap water so that hydration in the skin is kept,  and it prevents pollutants from  the environment from damaging the skin and cells. This vitamin helps keep the skin plump and wrinkle free.

Vitamin D

One vitamin that plays a role in all the body’s processes.

Vitamin D , a fat soluble vitamin important for skin health as it’s  an essential component that aids in growth and repair of cells by this fact skin cells grow and repair by the presence of this vitamin which in turn keeps the skin blemish free, smooth and youthful.

Omega 3

A fatty acid that is made up of EPA and DHA which EPA one of its component, enables skin to hold water, giving skin the appearance of youth by the hydration of the cells. EPA aids in the synthesizing  of oil in the skin which helps prevent dryness and dullness of the skin. Obtaining this nutrients in sufficient will aid in the reduction of dry and dull skin, giving skin a radiant glow.


Zinc an essential element that repairs and grows skin cells, for this reason zinc is proven in the healing of wounds and it is made dispensable for the repair of cells. Without this element wounds will take quite a long time to heal or may not heal. This makes zinc essential for the repair of wounds due to acne, giving quick repairment and leaving skin pain-free and blemish-free.

These vitamins are all essential for  the youthfulness and radiance of skin which can be obtained from food or supplements.




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