What is hypertension? Its causes and  review.

Hypertension is a disease that is subjected as having high blood pressure. The causes that give or develop this disease are varied. Smoking, drinking alcohol, high consumption of salt or both fat and cholesterol and emotional stress are key factors that contribute to developing hypertension. Hypertension however, is determined when one’s blood pressure reads over the norms of a normal level of  blood pressure that’s 120/80. A blood pressure that is read above that e,g, 140/85 and stays over that reading for a long period mark that person as hypertensive. Furthermore, majority of hypertensive patients obtain hypertension by the high consumption of salt. This unbalances the potassium and sodium’s blood level causing an increase in blood pressure which may cause damage to the heart, kidneys or blood vessels due to the high pressure of blood.

Potassium is one main mineral which can bring back stability in blood pressure levels as insufficiency of it  elevates blood pressure and it is one of two component that is responsible for blood pressure activity.

Potassium otherwise, is depleted/ excreted by the kidneys daily and by this potassium is lost. Hence, potassium should be consumed daily to prevent low levels of it in the blood.



Fortunately potassium is profuse in almost all foods which makes potassium easy to obtain. Stem tubal e,g potatoes, dashen, cassava, eddoes. Brown rich, legumes e,g lentil, red beans and etc. Nuts, oatmeal and quinoa. Fruits; bananas, watermelon, avocados, oranges, mangoes and tomatoes.


Potassium is also important for cellular and electrical functions,  and it regulates water balance and acid base balance in the blood and tissues along with sodium.



Potassium taken sufficiently will diminish hypertension and its symptoms as potassium level is built back up in the blood which in turn balances the electrolyte’s level that is responsible for the raise and fall of the blood pressure level.

Taking long walks and drinking plenty water will also improve blood pressure levels as exercise burns fat, increases the loss of salt by sweating and combats stress as it releases endorphins. Reducing sodium and fat in diet and as well as drinking less alcohol and smoking will also greatly improve blood pressure.

Another thing, try not to stress -eat a banana if you may or have a chocolate bar to cease stress- as stress can contribute to the raise of blood pressure. Bananas and chocolate are great choices of food for reducing stress  and hypertension as bananas have high amount of potassium to combat hypertension and magnesium which counteracts depression and stress. Chocolate, both potassium and magnesium which magnesium functions as a regulator to help balance sodium and potassium level in the blood.



Supplementing with potassium is an okay choice but obtaining potassium through food is a much greater choice as it’s much safe and effective than taking supplements.

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