Sometimes, mornings can be a bit tiring and dull, discouraging one from getting one’s tasks/duties done and tasks become piled up, on top  each other, leaving a disorganized scene for all to face. Sometimes, mornings just need a little sunshine to lighten up its moment and by this, lightens us to start off our day. Here’s three simple herbal tea to start and brighten your day;

Ginger Tea

ginger tea

A prevalent tea that awakes and increases alertness as for its promoting property, promoting proper blood circulation throughout the body.

Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is used for treating the flu, indigestion, inflammation, stress and anxiety.

Effects of Ginger Tea on The Body

After drinking a hot cup of ginger tea first thing in the morning, gives one a feeling of lightness; removing heavy sluggish feelings, and  energy to start the day.

Lemon Grass Tea

lemongrass tea

An aromatic and tasty tea. As tasty as it is, it gives some splendid effects to the body, giving a feeling of good sense of well being along with vigor and goodness. Lemon grass is also known as fever grass and it is used for controlling obesity, treating stomach disorders, cholesterol, fever, infection, cancers and for boosting the nervous and immune system.

lemon grass plant


Peppermint Tea


One potent herb that was used in ancient times to treat many different ailments and till now, is still used for treating many ailments. However, it can be  used to make potent teas to help treat many ailments or to just add a feeling of freshness when one is feeling a bit dull. Peppermint is used for treating stomach disorders such as heartburns, nausea, gas aches and indigestion. It  is also used to treat  headaches, PMS, and strengthens the immune system and as well treats sinus problems.

Peppermint tea adds a burst of freshness after having, as for its taste, its name defines itself, minty goodness. Peppermint adds energy  and removes the feeling of fatigue.

So next time when your day starts, try adding one of these  potent tasty teas  to begin your day.

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