EXERCISE1we move about each day to reach to our day to day places. We work to get stuff done or to maintain things, or to improve things. Explicitly, Exercise is carried out by us in everything we do, in our daily life, and the greatest thing about it, it renders so much great benefits to our life/ body.


Such benefits are, it releases endorphins which counteract feelings of depression, stress and gloomy natures, giving a sense of well being and happiness. So next time you’re down, try taking a little walk.

Exercising strengthens your muscles and bones, with the supplement of proper nutrition, exercise will be a great booster.

It strengthens and repairs damage blood vessels by appropriate pace of movement, which does this by improving blood circulation, and by proper blood circulation each cells will obtain sufficient blood to carry out its function.

Lowers high blood pressure as the factors that cause blood pressure to raise become fixed or removed out the body.

It trims the body by getting rid of unwanted fats. And aids in building muscles and strengthens them.

Exercise, a great body enhancer can also be a not so great enhancer when it over works the body and for this one should know when to stop when their body has spoken in such as signs. Tiredness, pain, cramps and any sort of discomfort obtained are all signs which indicate that the body needs rest. This shouldn’t be ignored as it can lead to adverse complication such as lactation, build up of lactic acid (a toxic) in the muscle and even can cause one to faint. Remember one thing, every good thing is good when taken in moderate portion.

Next time when you have to move, think of the benefits you will reap and the things that you’ll get accomplish by just moving your body.


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