As a parent, we make it our duties to implement the needs of our children. Ensuring that they have everything to keep them active and healthy and one of the  main responsibility that we focus on, is  their health. For we all want to see our children grow strong and healthy. But sometimes this task can be very hard to fulfil each day, when we have multiple tasks placed on our shoulders that must be implemented, having to iron, wash, clean and work are just some of the tasks we have to put up with. As for the matter of this, to ensure that our children get a nutritious meal in spite of the jam of work, we can take the shortcut of preparing meals, that is preparing meals that take little time to prepare. Down below is five quick, easy and nutritious meals for children, heading back to school.

Peanut butter and Jelly Wheat Sandwich.

peanut butter sandwich

Quickest and easiest children’s favorite breakfast. Taking only 3-5 minutes to prepare. Easy to pack and carry, as it can be carried in zipped  lock bags, brown paper bag or food wrap. Peanut butter jelly wheat sandwich is packed with 10 g protein(2-3 tablespoon of peanut butter), fiber and  carbohydrates(from wheat bread). The jelly just adds a sweet taste and is served as a treat, it also provides energy so that they can go on throughout the day.


Tuna Pasta

tuna pasta

This dish takes 10-15 minutes to prepare. It contains 20 g of protein, carbohydrates and B complex vitamins. With the addition of vegetables like tomatoes and broccoli adds color and flavor to this dish, making it immensely tempting to eat. Children will love this as pasta is one dish that is hard to resist.

Scramble Eggs and Toast Wheat Bread

scrammble eggs and bread

Number 1 nutritious meal, taking less than 7 minutes to prepare. This meal saves one time and prevents one from the hustle.

Scramble eggs and wheat bread provide 8 g of protein -depends on how much eggs were used and added to bread), B complex vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates, calcium (from bread) and iron (from bread).

Cheesy Tomatoes Pasta

tomato pasta

Nothing is more satisfying than a bowl of cheesy tomatoes pasta. As for children love cheese which is very nutritious, containing 150% of calcium per slice of cheddar cheese and a few percent of vitamin D. With tomatoes being part of the dish adds additional nutrients of potassium, vitamin C and A, and antioxidant. These both  foods make this dish nutrifying and delicious. 10-15 minutes optimum to prepare and it goes down easy on your wallet and pocket too.

Chicken Sandwich

chicken sandwich

This chicken sandwich contains 12 g of protein, vitamin A and C from fruits and vegetables, calcium and carbohydrates from wheat bread, providing a balance of nutrients for the body. One meal that ensures that  one gets all required nutrient as it is balance  and made prefect quick and delicious for heading out on a busy day. It only takes 8-15 minutes to prepare.



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