succeeding weight loss

You must have tried so many methods and failed in losing the weight  and may wonder how is this? One reason why it’s like that is that you may be deficient of nutrients. This actually impairs the thyroid which is responsible for regulating metabolism. In order to achieve weight loss, the thyroid gland must be in an excellent condition to promote normal metabolism rate so that fat can be rid off easily.

The nutrients that maintain the normal functionality of the thyroid are iodine, selenium, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and B complex vitamins. Shortage  of any of these indispensable nutrients especially iodine will lead to impairment of the thyroid. In results, causing weight gain, interfering with moods, leading  to imbalance of hormones and fatigue.

Now knowing your thyroid needs try incorporating foods that contain these nutrients. A balance diet is one ideal diet for the thyroid. It is one that consists of adequate nutrients which sustain the  well being of the body. This means that the diet must contain adequate protein, carbohydrates, fats and fiber, each sub-types of food e,g, protein, contains a whole range of different nutrients but has larger amount of protein in nutrient for the sub-type protein. However, adequate of all the required nutrients will help in reaching weight loss goals and keep body from gaining unnecessary fat. Down below tells  where  these nutrients needed for proper function of the thyroid can be found in food in abundance.

Vitamin D

Fish, salmon, eggs , oranges and mushrooms.


Iodized salt, tuna, dairy, shrimps and egg


Legumes, dark chocolate, oats and brown rice.


Dairy, oranges, almonds, sardine and salmon


Fish, brown rice, eggs and brazil nuts.


Nuts, beans, brown rice, dairy and fish.


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