It’s obvious that planting will not fully heal you from physical illnesses or isn’t of a cure for ailments or diseases but rather the plants that you plant will do so. Creating a garden can be used as a tool for improving your mental health and physical health. As gardening requires movement and focus to implement it, through movement, exercise is carried out and the benefit from exercise are exceedingly wide on overall health.

Being focused during gardening also have an impact on mental health, especially during  stressful condition. E,g, as one  is focused during being under stress, stress ceases before one even knows it, due to the great focus applied when gardening. Apart from that, gardens are beautiful things to have and it profits one in the long run from shortage of food, if it’s an edible garden (vegetables/herbs garden).

garden 2

Dirt and plants are the two most needed components  to create a garden and no time it takes in building one, if it’s a simple one. However, to obtain a healthy garden, great soil is needed. For plants, some, require good nutrition to grow and develop well. Fortunately, there are so many  types of mineral soils  to choose from which can be easily obtained at any local plant place or even on the net, making mineral soils convenient to get. Otherwise, two great garden to create are vegetable and herbal gardens, these aid in your health as the food they give are very beneficial and potent for leading a healthy life.  These vegetables which are obtained from your garden make your life easier; by saving you time and money to purchase them at supermarket, help you to eat more of it as they are available to you and regularly seen every time you give care to them -watering and mineralising  them. And another, save you from consuming highly treated chemicalised  crops. Some big farm farmers spray very dangerous pesticides on their crops to keep off pests or kill pests to prevent them from destroying their crops but in doing so, some pesticides takes long to disintegrate and may end up being still present on crop when purchased. And if this crop is consumed then it can greatly harm the body, making one ill if the crop were eaten rawly e,g lettuce and cucumbers. Planting your own garden ensures that you’re eating pesticide free food and making you meet the needs of your health by its pureness.

One of the biggest benefit one can obtain from garden is the increase amount of oxygen your environment atmosphere will contain. Oxygen is one vital gas that is essential for all living things as it is important to carry out respiration.

Another great garden is a herbs one. You don’t have to be a chef/cook or a herbalist to make use of them, the herbs. They are very important plants to have. As you may never know  when you may end up  in a big adverse condition e,g  a headache, digestion problem  or even obtaining the flu. Herbs like ginger, turmeric, garlic, thyme, peppermint just to name a few can come in super handy  in times of these kind of condition. And they save you from seeing a physician!

Planting a garden is the best thing anyone could ever do. For it just not gives a beautiful scenery or food but it keeps you active; promoting your health and humble  throughout its journey along with the help from you!

You should give it a try, Yes, try planting your own 3


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