Diabetes or diabetes Mellitus is one prevalent disease that is facing the world today. It’s a diseases that is subjected as  when the pancreas does not produce significant  amount of insulin to reduce the high level of glucose in the blood. This disease has multiple adverse effects on the body as it can risk one to kidney failure, heart disease and stroke. Diabetes however, can be treated by applying swift measures to lifestyle: changing diet to a healthy type, e,g balance diet. Exercise and taking right medication and herbs.


Treating diabetes can become very stressful for one: having to take medication for all  one’s life. Although cure is not present for this disease, curing it is possible.

To achieve healing of the pancreas, two things must be taken, One, persistence and two, faithfulness to a good diet (more info on this further down article) and lifestyle changes. However, being faithful and persistence to the diet mainly, will get you heading to a well functioning pancreas.

Mainly, Diabetes is caused by a lack of nutrients, actually virtually all diseases are caused by this. How? In the first place if one weren’t short in any vitamins and mineral the body wouldn’t have functioned poorly; because it is these nutrients that keep our body functioning its best. Furthermore, inadequacy of minerals like zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, selenium, iodine and protein may cause a decrease in insulin production, by a combination of few of these minerals and vitamins.  These minerals and vitamins are important to the body for  many reasons: zinc simulates alpha cells to produce insulin, vitamin D works in nearly all processes of the body: essential for the growth and development of cells aiding insulin production. And the others, they play massive roles in metabolism processes: aiding weight loss, and cell repairs and cellular processes, and as well as  for making hormones. In addition, a balance diet is an ideal diet for combating diabetes. It contains every little minerals and vitamins to aid with proper function of the pancreas, for major minerals and vitamins aren’t only vital for the proper function of the pancreas but minor and trace minerals too. Just remember that the body works in co-ordinance of vitamins and minerals; just like cells, tissues and organs work together to bring forth normal function to the body.

Down below gives the importance of essential major vitamins and minerals which aid in proper functionality of the pancreas;

Vitamin D

Vitamin  D is vital for calcium, phosphorus and magnesium absorption which magnesium is important for the proper function of the pancreas, aiding insulin production. Vitamin D also plays a role in the proper function of the thyroid gland which is responsible for increasing metabolic rate.


Magnesium plays a role in nearly 300 body processes and one of which includes the functionality of the pancreas, aiding with cell repairs and building of muscles.


Protein is found in every part of the body, e,g the muscles, skin, hair, tissues.

It is responsible for repair, creating hormones, enzymes and also growth. By targeting cells. cells grow, injured ones repair and by the inadequate of insulin, it helps make them by aiding its cells that are damaged or undeveloped to produce insulin.

Selenium and iodide

Selenium and iodide are two elements that are essential for the thyroid function, and due to better function of the thyroid gland, eases the pancreas in producing insulin as all fats are removed which suppressed the pancreas gland from secreting insulin.

The Significant of Minor Minerals and Vitamins

Vitamin C

Vitamin C aids in the development of all tissues, And for growth and development of cells. A malfunction of the alpha cell- the cells that produce insulin- can be repaired and taken care of , by vitamin C, causing the cells to produce insulin in required amount.

B- Complex Vitamins

The water soluble vitamins.

These take great part in metabolism which makes them vital for the body. Hence, without these metabolism will be greatly slow down and the body, greatly weaken as they help in increasing energy levels, boosting immune system and breaking down complex compounds into simple compounds so that the body can use them.

How to obtain these nutrients?

Supplementing with multivitamin supplements, these contain a large variety of different minerals and vitamin in good quantity and through food which is the main source of obtaining them in good and safe quantity.

Further note

Incorporating exercise to your journey of eliminating diabetes will help increase your metabolism, reducing fat quickly  and aid in the impairment of cells. Walking is just EXCERCISE 2enough to bring about these changes  and if not you can join a gym and get active and fit. Remember try not to over exercise  or exert yourself beyond your body can do as for your blood sugar can be reduced greatly. Eat on time a diet that is balance and avoid foods that are high in sugars!


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