The cold cough can be very irritating and sickening at times -most times- especially when you’re at a conference and every one or two minutes  when the speaker speaks that cough bursts out, drawing all’s attention which can be very embarrassing.

Or when you’re among your peers and can’t stand to hold it in because of the dread urge it gives.

However, the cold cough is traditionally treated with the mixture of lime juice and honey, but since the use of passion fruit was used to treat the cold cough, the look of its effects has made one to wonder, ‘Is passion fruit much better than lime?’

Here’s the effects of lime on the body and its effectiveness of it in eliminating cough;

Limes are rich in many vitamins and minerals. In abundance vitamin C and potassium which sadly, in few percent. Although percentage is quite small, it does potent effects. Ranging from, promoting detoxification -which aids to weight loss- , aids hormones balance, boosts immune system -this tells why the cough ceases and aids with digestion issues due to calcium, magnesium and enzyme it contains.

Review of The Effects of Lime on Cold Cough

The combination of lime and honey on treating cold cough is potent but not as potent as passion fruit and honey – you’ll see why further down-. When taken, the mixture of lime and honey, the cough tends to ease within a few minutes or more but does not go away after taking dosage, however, before the cough is eliminated multiple dosages have to be taken to get rid of it which could be real frustrating and tiring when one has a full day of work ahead of them.

Passion Fruit Effects on The Body and Cold Cough

Passion Fruit is a very tropical fruit that is rich of great flavor  as its name defines itself. It aids multiple of the body’s functions; respiratory function, immune system, fertility -with its high folate content-, aiding with combating inflammations by its anti-inflammatory properties and as well as promoting beautiful youthful skin with its containment of vitamin C.

However, when passion fruit is  used to treat cold cough by the combination of its juice with honey. The cough is eased instantly upon first  dosage and goes completely away after one or two dosages, how? Passion fruit is profuse in vitamin A, C, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial property which aid in boosting the immune system.

The Winner

Passion fruit is clearly  a cough inhibitor and limes are not but rather an assistance in the help of eliminating the cough.

Limes win over aiding with digestion, detoxification and  boosting immune system but overall passion fruits win covering all the wins of limes and the addition of assisting with  the body’s functions.

What Do You Think?

Is passion fruit the real winner or limes or they both fall in a draw when using as a treatment to treat cold cough? Try them if you may  and feel free to give your review.