Rose water- a facial toner, a food additive and an eye cleanser: 3 in one product that can be used in any of the three ways which offers many benefits to the body. One of which aids the skin by its promoting perfection facilities.

Rose water soothes the skin, reduces pimples, minimizes large pores, moistures the skin and keeps it hydrated, and as well as lightens and evens skin tone  which make rose water so essential for achieving beautiful skin.  Apart from that, rose water is used to cleanse the eyes, aiding in eye’s brightness and rendering a sparkle of clarity to eye’s appearance. The eyes are also boosted in sight by the application of rose water without any irritation -not until after initial use. Having permission to apply rose water before or after the apply of make-up or beauty products, makes it easy and lovably to use.rose-water-1

Though it has multiple benefits over beauty. Rose water has multiple uses for aiding the body one of which to treat insomnia as it acts as a mild sedative.

Rose water -promoting many benefits is inexpensive and is easily obtained from pharmacies, on-line pharmaceutical stores or can be easily made by combining fresh rose petals with water.


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