The bones give us our shape, protect our organs, store nutrients and most of all establish movement. However, exercise is one component that it depends on to keep itself strong and healthy. And for this exercise is necessary to convey bone health.

As we may all know the importance of exercise over the body; promoting weight loss/ maintenance, improving mental health, aiding healthy heart, building muscles and etc. It plays a big role in the skeleton system too, aiding bones to be more tough and hard  to withstand the stress they are put under. The bone is specialized to withstand stress and for this exercise is acceptable for it to carry out. In addition, exercise improves bone health as it helps it to become more stronger and tougher by putting it to work. But when bones are not put to use they tend to get weak and soft, resulting in bone medical problems due to the calcium lost. Calcium ion is lost when bones are not put to work, and it is what makes bone strong  and adaptable for its work. This is why bones must keep on moving and working to keep its hard structure, making exercise a vital component for its health.

To obtain or maintain healthy bones one must know that healthy bones are active bones which undergo work to keep it fit. Although exercise is vital for the health of bone, eating healthy food is also necessary as the saying, ‘One hand doesn’t clap but two.” Applies to them.

Food that is rich in potassium, calcium, vitamin A, C and D aid in the maintenance of bones and help build them. Water  and Rest- not to much but required amount- also help in the health and maintenance of them.

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