04-medical-reasons-youre-tired-depressedLife goes on without stopping and so today’s humans are programming themselves.

In spite of tiredness, strain and pain, we tend to push our bodies as the ways of life. Not knowing or knowing the damages that we make on ourselves. “I’m tired,” one said, yet you still see him carrying out tasks that are beyond strenuous for him to implement. Another said the same, quoted, ”It’s hard but I can finish.” Straining himself  as he does it, acting as if it’s a vital task, one which would save the world if it were ending.

Though, all these said things, I myself have fallen into the same prevalent saying and now I’m doing the very said thing. Pushing myself all to the finish, on the things that I was put to do.

I’m tired yet still going and this I can’t seem to understand. Hash tag -JustFeltLikeSharing.


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