Bones are one of the most hardest substance  in the human body that protect soft organs, implement movement, store nutrients and a site for producing cells of the body.

Although their hard structure which enables them to carry out strenuous tasks, can become soft and weak as every other body parts in the body. Whether they are tough or not, they too are subjected  to deterioration.

However, bones are exquisite  as they ‘re able to grow, repair and strengthen. And for this reason, attainment of obtaining stronger bones is feasible.

It is obtained by two vital processes;

Process 1 -Ideal food.

Food is required and necessary for life and every living thing, whether it’s in a form of light, liquid or solid it provides the body with the fuel or energy that it needs.

Ideal nutrients are key for acquiring stronger and healthier bones. As bones are made up of of partly nutrients and the other, collagen, in which both keep them strong and firm to implement tasks. Calcium, magnesium and phosphorous are some main vital minerals for bones’ building, and maintaining their structures. Whilst vitamin C, D and A are the most essential vitamins from the others vitamins in rendering bone’s strength. As A aids in the formation of bones, D assists in calcium absorption and C, essential for growth and repair of cells. And importantly, for the formation of all tissues, cells and bones in the body.

All these nutrients can be obtained from a balance diet; one which contains sufficient amount of various nutrients, which is derived from a mixture of fruits/vegetables, meats/fish/legumes and grains. Or  can be obtained from multivitamins.
Explicitly, ideal foods/ nutrients are essential for building stronger bones.

Process 2 -exercise

The bones main function is to bring about movement which can be considered as another form of exercise, making exercise dispensable for bone. As bones move, nutrients are absorbed and held inside the bones, making them stronger and persistence where exertion is required. However, these minerals are  the reason for bones being strong and if, no movement is carried out these nutrients are deposited or lost from the body by excretion. This lost causes bone to become weak and soft, hence, movement is key to obtain or keep bones strong.

Moreover, the more movement is carried out, the more stronger bones get as movement stimulates cell’s growth and development in bones, which cause osteoblast cells to multiple. And this is just a simple aspect of how bones grow.

Further note

When concluded to build stronger bones, one must know that this process of building stronger bones isn’t  obtained in a day or so  as growth, development or generation of bone takes time to accomplish. On another hand, taking appropriate scheme of exercise like walking or jogging is great to begin with for those who have soft bones. Otherwise, strenuous exercise is conferred to those who have already strong bones.

Remember, ideal nutrients are required for the building of great bones and shouldn’t be excluded. Water and rest are also necessary for the attainment of healthy and strong bones. Therefore implementing all four elements, ideal food, exercise, adequate water and rest confer one to obtain their bones desire.


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