Health is our major obligation in life as without it, life won’t be so livable.

In as small as a cup, health can be held and carried, and that’s soup.

Soups are one nutritious type of food that boosts health. From chicken to vegetable soups are all nutritious and of its kind.

Down below is a recipe and an aspect of nutrients of Salmon fillet soup which renders health.

Salmon fillet soup

Salmon fillet soup is rich in vital nutrients; calcium, magnesium, potassium, protein salmonand etc and as well as taste. The addition of provisions e.g potatoes, dasheen, cassava, etc, adds these essential nutrients to the soup’s nutrition nature.


Salmon fillets, potatoes/dasheen/cassava; a mixture of all if you prefer. Fish maggie’s soup, golden butter, fresh thymes, chives, garlic, onions, salt and flour.

Preparation and Procedure

Firstly, add peeled and diced provision (potatoes, dasheen, etc) to a soup pot that is half filled of water and bring it to a boil. For about 10-15 mins, this depends on the  type of provision being boiled or simply use fork to check whether its good. When it has shown to be medium cooked, prepare your dumplings and add them into pot. Dumpling can be flattened out/ rolled or diced -whichever you prefer. Stir and add water if needed. After this step, add your seasoned slices of  salmon. This should be the last large component added as fish cooks very quickly and we don’t want our fish to over cook. Finally add seasoning (fish maggie’s soup, onions, garlic and etc) and salt for taste. Leave it to cook and dissolve for about 7-12 mins so that all flavors can blend in well and combine together. Tip, adding seasonings last into pot prevents flavors from vanishing from food as for adding them early causes this by the over cooking that they get. This is the reason why, when food is nearly close to completion, and tasted, you find that flavors are diluted or lacking, causing you to add more seasoning to food.

Now that you have made yourself your own great cup of health. Feel free to share with me of the outcome of your salmon fillet soup.

11 thoughts on “HEALTH IN A CUP -SOUPS.

  1. Our Life In Montana says:

    One of my favorite parts about fall and winter is soup and chowder weather! I am always looking for a good recipe and this looks amazing! I will definitely be giving this a try🙂

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