Teeth are essential mechanism as they provide a surface for crushing food which aids in digestion, and render our beautiful smiles.

On the contrary, they are prone to getting dirty and yellow which diminish or dim beautiful smiles. Resulting in the compulsion to obtain products that may brighten or whiten them once again.

A natural way  to whiten teeth is using coals/ burned wood. Coals are effective  teeth whiteners, though their main purpose is to provide fuel to ignite a fire.

However, they whiten teeth in an instant in just the first use and what makes them so excellent is that they are inexpensive and very convenient as they can be obtained nationwide in health stores/pharmacies  or by burning wood yourself. Moreover, they’re used for the treatment or removal of gas/chronic gas, specifically charcoal capsule which is purified and made safe by  certify medicine personnels/ pharmacists.

Pros of using coals

  • Inexpensive and effective teeth whitener.
  • Much safer to use as they are natural
  • Quick acting -whitens teeth in just one use.
  • Convenient – as they’re available nationwide and can be made by just simply burning wood.


Cons of using coals

  • After direct application, pieces of coal tend to get in between teeth.
  • Taste may not be pleasant for some.


Direction and Application

Take a block of coal (small enough to rub on teeth comfortably) and rub all over teeth in one direction. When finish, rinse with water. If there are little pieces of coal left in between teeth, optimize toothbrush and brush them off. Then rinse with water.

Further note

Thinking about using coals to treat gas? Before doing so, inform or consult with a physician as taking charcoals in inaccurate portion can lead to constipation or other gastrointestinal problems. A physician will guide and inform you whether it is effective or safe for you  and render the accurate portion of dosage.


Now that you have yourself your own potent teeth whitener, make those teeth shine brighter than ever!





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