rosemary-2Whether you acquire health by consumption, action, direct application or inhalation, health is obtained.

Rosemary is one of those extraordinary herbs that renders health in its fullest. In terms rosemary-oil.jpg.838x0_q80of, its scent alone implements a mind mending transformation that is, it greatly sharpens memory. Yes, rosemary boosts memory by just its aroma which researchers and scientists have backed up.

By just smelling rosemary for just a minute or 2 boosts memory in seconds and by this being said, if you love your memory or have slow memory, rosemary is the ideal herb for you. Health comes in so many ways and one of them is certainly inhalation.

Other uses of rosemary

Rosemary is mainly used in food to give flavors and in aromatic products.


Rosemary, a herb that was made for sharing and that is what I love and do with you all. Hash tag JustFeltLikeSharing.



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