Beautiful-woman-applying-deodorantSometimes our health is not just hindered/affected by the things we eat but rather the things we use/apply on our body and the lack of movement we carry out in our life.

Deodorants are just one type that deteriorates our health as the heinous chemicals within them clog  the pores of the skin and destroy healthy cells in the breast area. These chemical risk one to breast cancer which have been proven by scientists and health professionals. Paraben, aluminum compounds,propylene glycerol and artificial colors are just some prevalent hazardous chemicals found in them that support cancer growth. And due to these a lot of women have to suffer a battling life before death. Moreover, majority of these deodorants ruins the skin, darkening pits and leaving sticky mass behind which stains the clothing. While some irritate and burn the skin when apply. Which isn’t pretty.

As for the health of breast and to reduce risk of breast cancer, natural deodorant can be an alternative source, which renders same hours of protection and effects as non-natural ones. They do not have any truculent chemicals and  to add a bonus, they don’t leave sticky mass, or stain clothing or blacken pits. And also, they do not irritate while rendering protection from odor, and co-operate with the breast. One safe and natural deodorant, Crystal Mineral Essence which can be used by both gender.

An Insight of Crystal Mineral Essence Deodorantcrystal

Crystal essence is free from heinous chemicals which risk one to cancer as for this it is safe to use for breast health. No sticky mass is left on skin when use nor it blackens arm pits  and doesn’t irritates the skin. Full protection it gives and very effective as other non-natural deodorants.

Replacing non-natural deodorants with natural deodorants aids the health of our breast and prevents the risk of obtaining cancer. And in so doing, arm pits are free from irritation, discoloration and clothing free from stains.

Further note

Implementing health isn’t just by eating healthy food only but doing all of  its full ways that is exercising, using healthy products and eating healthy.

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