As the world cultivates into modernization, trees are lost, toxics become a mass of the atmosphere and our health becomes at risk. Risk to multifarious disease and illnesses which are either lethal or acute. Whichever they are, they are nothing exquisite to possess. As the only thing they confers is languishment and pain.

As you may know by now, plants are essential for all livings.  They establish what we called oxygen, which we need in order to survive. And a matter of without its presence, all livings will be extincted. Moreover, plants aid in the removal of toxic gases like carbon dioxide product that we make through respiration (body processes), combustion(the burning of products/thing) and other industrial activities. And carbon monoxide, benzene and etc gases from the emission of cars and other chemicals.

Carbon dioxide is one that is produced in profuse and  lethal at high concentration which can affect our health because of this. Affecting our heart as its rate is increased by its high concentration  which calls for high demand of oxygen to remove the high quantity of carbon dioxide in the body. Moreover, enzymes are also greatly affected, they become slow acting or even denatured (destroyed) which causes disastrous effect to the body. Also, carbon dioxide changes our PH level, making it acidic. And as for an acidic environment illness and diseases can develop in our bodies. On the other hand, carbon monoxide combines with haemoglobin, a pigment in our red blood cells, causing reduction of oxygen in our body  that in turn causes death. And as for the rest of toxics, they do nothing great but deteriorate the body of its goodness. 

As for these things, planting becomes essential for livings. Planting at least one tree occasionally can save many (both yourself and others) from lethal diseases and illnesses caused by toxics which are contained in our environment. And in turn, will lengthen your life as oxygen is given in exchange  for carbon dioxide and by trees removing toxic gases from our environment.

Want fresher air indoors?

There are ideal plants for the inside of the home that also aid in the removal of toxics in the air of our living area. Some ideal plants for inside;

  • Areca palm
  • Lady palm
  • Bamboo palm
  • Rubber plants
  • Fern plants



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