There’s something exquisite about poetry that moves us profoundly -more so, its poignant words. Drifting us to glorious heights of happiness or gloom, depending on the words that were used to convey its message.

Poetry another splendid mechanism that uplifts our wellbeing is in deed beautiful and soothing to the mind and body.

For the love of poetry, here’s a poem made for you;

Your Rose


I have waited patiently to  blossom,

To perfume the air with my loving tranquil part of me.

I’m eager to see your glorious smile

When I approach you

And your joyful tear you shed by my presence.

All I want is to make you feel loved.

And for this I am hurt when my womb is barren in the sun;

For nature has forbidden me to give away my children in adverse seasons

-Please forgive me, my love.

For this, I will blossom in abundance

Just for you,

At the rise of summer.

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