Plants are exquisite organisms that come in various types and colors. From fruit trees to vegetables and herbs to forest trees. Though their wide variety of variation, here are 6 most potent plants among their kind;

Wonder of the World.wonder of the world

A plant that indeed defines its name by its multifarious benefits it gives.

Wonder of the world also known as Miracle leaf or the life plant is used as a medical plant to treat multiple ailments. Its broaden thicken leafs contain potent properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-depressant and anti-cancer properties which counteract aliments such as rheumatism, backache, headaches, depression, worms/lice/tapeworms, digestion problems and cancers. As for this, Wonder of the world is considered one plant that can treat any ailments.

Sour-sop my soursop tree

The sour-sop  tree is a topical tree that is extensively cultivated in both the Americas and theIMG_00001083 Caribbean. It bears the fruit sour-sop or well known as graviola or guanabana which tastes like a mixture of strawberry and apples with a creamy texture reminiscent to coconut and banana. Its fruit  is very nutritious containing in profuse vitamin A ,C , potassium, magnesium, calcium and many others in minerals along with potent properties: anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer, which are used to combat inflammation, cancer of the breast/prostate, stomach aliments and hypertension. Moreover, its leafs are used as a medicine to treat aliments such as nervous problems to dire conditions like cancer. Sour-sop plant overall assists the body in so many ways.


moringa plant

Moringa better known as drumstick tree obtained its name from its long pods that resemble drumsticks. It is a plant that is native to parts of Africa and Asia, and is one that is easy to cultivate as it can be grown in any soil condition.

All of its parts are edible (that includes its stem and roots) and benefit the body greatly. Among its parts, its leaves are predominantly used for medication for its potent and opulent of nutrients to treat diabetes, deficiency diseases -by its rich components and balanced nutrients content- fight inflammation, assist in protecting cardiovascular system and liver, and endorse brain health. In addition, moringa is also used as an alternative agent to purify water -its seeds- in which contain dimeric cationic proteins that absorb and neutralize harsh substances in impure water. Moveover, moringa has a distinctly bitter and slightly sweet taste.

The Papaya Tree521201841

A tropical fruit plant that is native to the Americas which bears up to 70 fruits on its thick fibrous stem, in which its fruits turn yellowish/orange color when ripe. Its fruit is very prominent in culinary dishes from creating smoothies and punches to preservative snacks (green papaya is used). Ripen papaya aids with digestion, constipation and premenstrual syndrome. Whilst the green papaya (unripe)  aids with metabolism, used

papaya-leaves-500x500for skincare and assists with lactation in breast feeding mothers.

In addition, its leaf is very prominent in medicine and is used for treating multifarious diseases such as malaria, dengue -it is yet still  unknown how it does it-. Apart from that, the leaf is used to treat headaches, fever, aches, pain, PMS and assists with boosting the immune system. By drawing the leaf in hot water you will obtain its full medication.

Black Sagemaxresdefault

Condia curassavica, its species name, is also known as wild sage or black sage which is an invasive weed that is origin from Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. Its leaf which is very thin and delicate is used as a medication to treat the flu/its symptoms, respiratory aliments and diseases, fever and pain. Black sage is bitter in taste and by its insect repellent nature it is used to chase away mosquitoes.


marijuana plant

The cannabis plant commonly known as marijuana is now being favored by the medical  system to treat multiple cancers; cancers of the breast, prostate and brain by the potent component it contains; tetrahydrocannabinal. And to treat chemotherapy patients as well as  to improve appetite in HIV/AIDS individuals. However, this isn’t yet scientifically proven and should be used with caution. On the contrary, cannabis is a psychoactive drug that if used pro-longly can diminish memory,  cause hallucination, impair motor skills, cause respiratory diseases, cancers and infertility- in men- when smoked.


  1. Tandi Tales says:

    Great article. I feel like the dandelion would fit well on this list. It’s a diuretic and it can be eaten entirely from the roots to the flowers. It’s a coffee substitute, a salad green and its petals can be fermented in a brew.

    I never knew the papaya was so useful.
    Thanks for the article.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ash says:

    My family is Caribbean so we eat Sour-sop. I didn’t know it had so many benefits- that’s amazing! I will be buying some soon, although there’s not much in England due to the climate aha. Great post!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Alisha Roy says:

    Quite true, especially with papayas. People don’t know about the naturally occurring benefits of this wonderful tree. During my 8th month of pregnancy my doctor asked me to eat lots of papayas to help ease labor pains. I followed her advise even though my family forbid the fruit! I had a very fast labor and my son had a natural birth. I bet it was all the papayas I had eaten! Thank you for writing this post, I just read it out to my family now to prove the benefits of these natural wonders.

    Liked by 1 person

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