christmascaribbeanThis Xmas I’m bringing the Caribbean’s most savory dishes to you. From the greatest and popular dishes to their most prominent delicacies from now on till Xmas’s eve. And of course they are wealthy of health.

Each day I would like to share with you all a Xmas Caribbean recipe to give y’all an idea of how Xmas is like in the Caribbean, more specifically Trinidad and Tobago my home country. And also tips or benefits of notes of choice food will be conferred.

I hope that you all  do enjoy and be pleased with all the chosen food I have chosen to share with you all for the Xmas holidays.

Christmas Rice

Its name alone tells its appearance.

Trinidadians love exuberant meals  that are highly seasoned and alluring and this dish is just one prevalent type of fully prepared rice that is served around the Xmas holidays or special events.


Christmas rice is exquisite in flavors and looks. And by the variety of ravish colors  made by the saffron  raisins and vegetables  makes this rice an ideal Christmas dish.

Christmas Rice Ingredients

2 cups of brown rice or Jasmine’s rice

1 tbsp of saffron powder/ saffron root- grated

8 pimientos. 4 red and 4 green

1 carrot

1 large onion

3 gloves garlic

Piece of ginger

1 chive

1 shano beni

1/2 cup black seedless raisins

Sea salt

Sesame and soy bean oil blend.

Christmas Rice Health benefit.

As you can  explicitly  see, Christmas rice  contains no MSG products and is made with  Only all natural ingredients.

Christmas rice is rich with fiber and contains little protein from the rice.  It is also rich with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals mainly magnesium, potassium and selenium. With its rich fiber contents, promotes  healthy bowel movements,  and its rich anti-oxidant content  from raisins helps combat cancerous cells and oxidative stress found within the body.

The Caribbean is filled with  diverse of colors of people. Why not try something colorful this Xmas?


Photo credits to Home made Zagat.


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