As part of the earth tilts away from the sun, the temperature decreases and the environment becomes  colder. This masks winter which is here or for some, at the brink of entering as its season is of this hour. This, calls for the uptake of vitamin D supplements or vitamin D rich foods as the sun, the primary source donor is no longer blasting to effect by the arrival  of winter.

So as of a reminder, be ready to uptake your vitamin D supplement or vitamin D rich foods for  the sun is further away from our land. For certainly, we don’t want to become vitamin D deficient or hindered of our health during this winter season  by its cold weather.


Importance of Vitamin D.should-I-still-take-vit-D-in-the-summer

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which is essential  for the absorption and regulation of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium minerals. Moreover, it plays a role in nearly all the body’s processes that includes, the formation of bone and teeth, insulin production, thyroid’s functionalities  and the health of the immune system. Explicitly, vitamin D is very vital to the body.


Vitamin D supplements and Food


Cod’s liver oil, Fish oils and multivitamins.


Salmon, sardine, mackerel, dairies, eggs, cheese.

Vegans’ food

Mushrooms, fortified orange juice, cereals and  fortified soy milk.

Further Note.

Obtaining vitamin D from plant based food will not be sufficient as they contain very little amount of vitamin D. Supplements would be ideal choice for vegans as it contains the daily required amount of vitamin D for an individual.



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