island-getaways-no-flights-singapore-telunas-resorts-hero-180207Sometimes or most times, stepping out into new places or building brings solace or a sense of wellbeing, especially in times of frustration or hurt. Mostly, that is all that is needed to get yourself back to that place of happiness and peace.

One place might just bring that, is a place that is considered new. A trip to Jamaica maybe? Or a place that you’ve been forever wishing to visit. Then again, travel costs and that might just be another problem. A cheaper option would be either booking a place closer to you or optimizing the WWW to perceive images of your desired place (not trying to be hilarious but this can help too) which will enlighten you.

Moreover,  mental health is enhanced/improved by the sight and experience of the new. And by engaging yourself into new places or things you be also improving your health and life.

Here are some cool places to visit;



Jamaica is one of the most  beautiful island in the Caribbean, enrich with many exquisite beaches and outdoor activities. From jet skiing to sport activities,  and areas worth visiting, waterfalls and caves. If you’re a relax type, then areas like these are ideal for you.





Land of my neighboring homeland.

Tobago is one place one must visit as its water is one of the most clearest and beautiful

download (1)water in the world. Tobago is also known as the land with the best coral reef and its beaches worth paying visit. Pigeon point is the most popular beach and with the breath taking views  of its land one  can not  be left with the feeling of  unrenewed.



FranceEiffel tower, Parissmall-towns-france-Annecy-GettyImages-175837227

France also known as the city of lights is another cool place that worth visiting.

Going to new places is worth trying when combating to improve mental health and in so doing you’ll experience a great sense of wellbeing that it gives.



  1. picturenotquiteperfect says:

    Great post! I love travelling and think everyone should explore this amazing planet if they have the opportunity!
    Also love you included Tobago (I’m originally from Trinidad) so nice to see part of the country represented here!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Becky Dingle says:

    Thanks so much for dropping into Chapel of Hope Stories…I appreciate your kind, supportive comments and I love this blog post on traveling…a few places I have been but not all so it is a delight to see them through your eyes. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. thelonelyauthorblog says:

    I never though of traveling as a healthy option, but after reading this I must admit it is true.
    I went on three separate vacations this year (never did that before). Beyond the stress reduction travel provides; I do feel so much healthier. It even made me want to take better care of myself in order to continue traveling. Good post.

    By the way, stunning photos.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. stevescountry says:

    Great post, and you’re right, traveling to different places does help reduce stress. I can no longer travel due to health but have found traveling by photos of different places also helps a great deal especially when the snow is deep and it’s -35F! Great photos, thanks for sharing this!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Emma Love says:

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